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Screen is getting dimmer and brighter alternately at certain times. How to stop it?


Hi guys, My pc configuration is Intel i3 - 3220 @3.30Ghz processor and Gigabyte H61M-S2P motherboard and 8GB ram. Last night I tried to install Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and it was installed successfully. After the installation I tried to play it but after some time the pc gets hanged so I force stopped the game and uninstalled it. After that incident I noticed that my display is getting dimmer and then automatically gets back to normal, don't know why. I am a little bit tensed about if my CPU is damaged somehow or not? Can anyone help me to solve this problem? I have tried solutions like turning down the adaptive brightness etc. But it is not solving. Can it be due to power supply or ram? or may be for graphics driver or registry? hep me please

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Sounds like the monitor and its power supply may be going bad.


Try a different monitor.


Do not start messing in the registry.