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So i have a 7600K 3.8ghz. And since a few weeks i'm encountering a problem that my CPU goes up to 100% while gaming. Before i never had problems with that or with streaming. Now i can barely do 1 of them. Can someone please help? I


I've searched the internet for a solution. Nothing. I tried a lot of things... Nothing worked. Long story short, I'm a gamer. Before all this happend, i did stream and game at the same time. This is impossible now. Like i said, CPU goes up to 100% this is only when i play games. When i'm not playing it's round 5/10% I've even factory reset my pc. That also didn't help...

My specs: Intel Core i5 7600K 3.8ghz, Nvidea Geforce gtx 1070TI, 16GB RAM, and enough SSD and HDD

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Could be because of the saturation happening on the Internet right now.