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Switched to Windows 10 and now cannot change resolution. The answer seems to be updatting the driver for the Intel Core i3, but can't get it to install

My laptop has an Intel HD Graphics Core i3. Since "upgrading to Win 10, the screen resolution is stuck at 1028 X 768, instead of being able to set at 1920 X1080. From searches on how to resolve that problem, the most common answer seems to be updating the graphics driver. But:

- if I go to control panel>display>screen resolution>advanced>intel graphics and media control panel>properties and get to Intel HD graphics and choose update driver it tells me I have the latest driver (even though the date is 2012)

- I downloaded the Intel Driver Update Utility and it says I have no Intel Drivers

- If I try to download and run from the Intel website I get the error message "this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software."

I seem to be going in circles. Can anyone help? Thanks

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