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TSX feature possibly defective or not detected by RPCS3 - i9 9900k


Hello Intel Community,

I recently noticed that the TSX (Transactional Synchronization Extensions) feature on my i9 9900K processor might not be working or detected properly by RPCS3, a PlayStation 3 emulator for PC. I am reaching out to the community to seek assistance in troubleshooting this issue and determining if my TSX feature is indeed defective or not functioning as expected.

I have a system with an i9 9900K processor, which is known to support TSX, as it is listed in the official Intel documentation. However, when I run RPCS3 and check the settings, "TSX instructions" is grayed out. Additionally, when I hover over TSX in the RPCS3 settings, it gives me an error stating that TSX is not available on my system.

This has raised concerns for me as I was expecting to take advantage of the improved performance and efficiency that TSX can provide in certain workloads, including emulation. I would appreciate any guidance or suggestions from the community on how I can further investigate this issue and determine if my TSX feature is indeed defective or not being detected properly by RPCS3. Additionally, I would like to know if there are any specific tools or methods I can use to verify if TSX is working on my i9 9900K processor, apart from relying on software logs or emulator settings. 

Thank you in advance for your support and assistance.

Best, funni_man23

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Check with your motherboard/system manufacturer for an updated bios.


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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