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Thank you Intel for whatever you've done to my CPU



I am unable to use more than 6-7% over the base frequency as you can see in the picture which was taken during a round of Battlefield 1, which is terrible if I want to play competitive as the game starts lagging as soon as I get in a crowded area. So I don't know what you've done to this CPU (which is an i7-8750H btw), but the performance is terrible.................

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So do you have any idea what this might be causing?
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You **bleep**ing dog**bleep** company, this **bleep**ing trash product is overheating and can't **bleep**ing play a 5 years old game because of you disabling undervolting which was the last thing that kept this **bleep**ing processor not go into thermal throttle. Never ever again gonna buy a **bleep**ing Intel product you useless pricks

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You need to read the rules of the forum.  


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You are blaming the processor for this overheating? It is *NOT* the processor's fault. It is the platform that is responsible for utilizing the cooling solution provided to keep the processor cool. Either the platform is not using the cooling solution properly (i.e. is misconfigured) or the cooling solution provided is simply insufficient. Suffice it to say, you should *never* *ever* have to undervolt the processor; this is simply covering up for a bad cooling solution.

If this is a laptop and the cooling solution provided is insufficient - which, unfortunately, is the case in a great many of the laptops out there (the slimebags ship cheap, insufficient solutions and will either throttle the processor to hide the fact or simply let it fry) - then there is really nothing that you can do about it (well, other than be more circumspect regarding who's laptops you purchase in the future). Fact is, the present push to make laptops smaller and lighter is at odds with the proper cooling of the CPU (and GPU, if discrete). Unfortunately, while people blindly continue to accept the garbage, the vendors will never spend the R&D money necessary to develop better cooling solutions.

Off my soapbox now,


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We obviously know that most gaming laptops are terrible when it comes to cooling, at least the slightly older models. I honestly do not care what you said about undervolting, it was the way I could get some stable performance out of this machine. Now all I get is FPS drop and thermal throttling. There's nothing I can personally do to fix the poor cooling design so I had to do what I had to do. Buy a new machine? Hell no. This is the last time I'm going to buy any Intel product anyway.

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Do you have a temperature reading from the bios?

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I would like to let you know that based on the pictures and that the CPU is above the base frequency, seems that you have Turbo boost enabled. This feature increase the frequency of one or more cores, however, the operating system will determine when is needed, which cores to enable, how much to increase, and for how long.

You CPU is not capable of overclocking, since this feature is for unlocked CPU like "K" and "X" version, thus you are not able to set the frequency manually or use more than what the Turbo boost chooses.

Also, I recommend you to check with the laptop manufacturer for instructions about how to control the temperatures on their system. Some settings at the BIOS may improve the system performance.


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