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The 3820 CPU and the ECS X79R-AX am I thee idiot?

I bought an ECS x79R-AX and a 3820 cpu and went through several changes in ram thinking something was wrong, that cpu stayed a 1.2ghz and no one , not even ECS would tell me what was wrong. The restock fines at newegg were huge, I probably have lost $200 bucks in this attempt just to get the new kind of computer going, I bought an Ivy bridge instead. ECS sent me such encrypted pdfs that they could not be opened and would not tell me over the phone what to do. I was told by some passer by that intel had mad 1.2GHZ the real default, not 3.7 GHz as they say the CPU is, every other cpu I have ever bought always ran at the speed they said it was, including intel cpus. So now I am stuck with a motherboard no one will buy that runs 1.2GHZ. I fear that if I saved the $575 dollars to buy the 3930K series, what would happen from a company that lies to me that I am getting 3.7GHZ when it is really 1.2GHz. Mabey I will be told I am a stupid idiot, which is entirely possible. I have been preety good at being stupid, but I think intel or ECS will pass the buck back and forth and never put their money where their mouths are, you pay for a 3930K and send it to me you swindlers! If there is a way to disable the problem, someone tell me exactly where in the bios it is. Either one of you ECS or Intel. Sincerely Richard Eckert, Boise Idaho.

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If your processor is under warranty, I recommend contacting support lines at Intel.

Live Chat support at w and choose processors line


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