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The Driver & Support Assistant overlay stays a long time. How do you number releases? Why is there a process constantly checking for new software? Does Intel uses Agile development methods? Why is upgrade so difficult?


This was initially written as an email. I have given you the email. I'm not retyping it or organizing screen captures I've already made inline.


I was asked for feedback, and this is it. The question I was asked was if the information helped. I don't know what information that query refers to. I was prompted to download software. Regardless, this feedback, including establishing a login and all things involved is WAY harder than sending an email. So, I'm sending you a capture of the email I wrote including inline images - before I found out that Intel doesn't have an email address. Enjoy.




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Hello JTapp,


Thank you for posting on the Intel ® communities.


I appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback, I have noted this and forwarded the information to the appropriate department where they will review and read it. While I cannot confirm that the changes you want will be implemented, I can assure you that your feedback with be read and taken into consideration.


Again, thank you for taking your time to provide us with your recommendations.




David V


Intel Customer Support Technician

Under Contract to Intel Corporation

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