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The policy of forcing users to change the Motherboards and its high cost


Hi ...
I do not know why Intel insists on selling Intel 9th-generation processors at a high price with it as it is outdated, especially processors that do not have multiple cores such as ( i5 and i7 ) that have become useless in use, not even games. What is the benefit of high frequency processor which has been completely consumed?
Why does Intel force customers and users to change the Motherboards if the customer wants to upgrade? For example, I want to upgrade to the tenth generation. This will cost me a lot!
Why insist on the use of architecture (14nm)?
Is Intel bankrupt intellectually and development?

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This isn't worth arguing about and the insults are not pertinent. The same thing happens in the AMD world. If you want to go over there and whine at them as well, be my guest.


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What relationship amd in our discussion.
AMD processors are worse than Intel.
If you have a lot of room and can develop your processor then others cannot.
For example, I have a processor (i5 9600) developing the processor will cost me a lot, my processor no longer performs well in programs and games.
The ninth generation processor (i5 9600k) (i7 9700k) (i9 9900k) is very expensive and outdated, and the tenth generation is also expensive and needs to change the paddle board, why does Intel not upgrade the upgrade from one generation to the next without the need to save the motherboard in every upgrade?

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