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The system hangs


Desktop with

- Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Quad CPU-Q6600@2.40GHz socket 775 LGA

- ASRock G31M-S motherboard

- RAM ddr2 2 + 1GBytes

- Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 1 GBytes DDR3

- Power supply DELUX 450W

- OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 32-bit @ 2018


After installing the graphics card, the following problem occurred: Every morning, at startup, after about 3-5 minutes, the system hangs. It has to be switched off after that there are no problems unless the system is not used for a long time.

We did the following:

- RAM verification with MemTest86 - no problems;

- I replaced the power supply - there are no problems;

-checked the processor with the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool 32Bit and resulted in 2 errors that, they say, do not mean a processor failure (BrandString fail and SPBC fail);

- I checked the graphics benchmark with Valley Benchmark under stress-pass;

- at last, I asked for and installed the graphics card with an identical one but no result.


The situation is very stressful and I ask those who can help me give me advice - but not of the genre "it might .... it seemed ... I think ..."

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We see all sorts of compatibility issues reported when motherboards this old are used with graphics cards this new (relatively speaking). You may need to look at a different (perhaps older) graphics card.


Now, you do know that Windows 10 is not supported, by Intel or Microsoft, on systems this old, right? You also know that you should not be turning off your system every night, right?



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Have you updated the BIOS for your board?


Are you saying that you have 2gb + 1GB memory dimms installed?

Have you tried two MATCHED dimms?

Have you tried just the 2GB dimm by itself?

MemTest86 may NOT find errors that exist.

Provide specific part numbers.


Your board and processor, although they may run Windows 10, are not supported on Windows 10.




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Good joke! ... but ... true!

I'm honest to be ... and I was thinking about the graphics card ... The system goes with windows 10 enterprise since win 10 ... but we used the Nvidia Geforce 9600gs graphics card ... and I did not have the problem with blocking the system ... . The only problem was the lack of sound on HDMI because of the lack of a small cable that took sound from the motherboard. So I bought it from the store.

To end up with a joke ... I will buy a set of audio speakers and I will have sound on HDMI ... sic!

Thanks to everyone who tried to help me !!!!

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