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Thermal resistance for i7-9850HE and QM370




I'd like to know the maximum junction temperature, junction-to-board resistance (C/W), and junction-to-case resistance (C/W) for the i7-9850HE processor and for the QM370 chipset. These parts are on a COM Express-CFR board from Adlink and I need to ensure my thermal cooling design is adequate enough to cool these parts. That particular information is not available on any datasheets I could find. Thank you.

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Hello CHibb,


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Regarding your inquiries, the Intel® Core™ i7-9850HE Processor has a Junction Temperature (TJUNCTION) value of 100°C. This information and additional technical specifications can be found on the Product Specifications website.

Please refer to this link: Product Specifications Intel® Core™ i7-9850HE Processor


For other technical information that the Product Specifications website cannot answer, please refer to the Embedded Community to post your inquiries or to our Resource & Design Center.


Regarding inquiries about Intel® Chipset Hardware, it is worth mentioning that the support for this product is available through Community Support but limited to peer-to-peer only (no direct Intel support), so we recommend you to reach out to the original manufacturer of the equipment (OEM) as customization and modification may have also been done to the Intel device by the OEM.


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