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Thinkpad X301 CPU upgrade?


I have a Lenovo X301 and I love with all my heart. I've just recently upgraded my SSD and RAM. Read a lot of material about upgrading this model and found some rumors from 2009 that it should support SL9600 and SP9600 CPU's. Is this true? Is there a CPU upgrade for X301? This is not a rational but sentimental decision, I know it is not worth the money. SU9600 is an official option, but it is such a minor upgrade I would not bother. Thank you in advance:)

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Hello Nostalgiac:



In regard to your inquiry, I understand that the laptop has a great sentimental value for you, I just wanted to let you know that when it comes to laptops normally it is kind of difficult to do upgrades because all the components were design to work specifically with each other.



The processor socket of the laptop is BGA956, and as you can confirm on the following links the processors have that same socket:



So, they will fit socket of the board that is inside the laptop, but the thing is that in order for them to work besides that the microcode on the BIOS needs to be also compatible with them, and since we did not build the laptop there is no option for us to make sure about that.



So, the best thing to do is actually get in contact with the manufacturer of the laptop, in this case Lenovo, they should be able to let you know for sure if the processors will work and probably they might have a list of compatible processors so you can confirm if they are going to work.



Lenovo's support site:



Lenovo's phone number: 1-877-453-6686



Any questions, please let me know.








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