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Throttling problems and worries.


Hey there,I am new here and i wanted to ask you a thing.

Less than a month ago i purchased a Omen 15 with an I7 8750h.

I immediately noticed its overheating problems and for a week i had to play along 90 degrees.

With Throttlestop i managed to undervolt it but almost 7 times i had to restart it from the power button since it froze.

I found that setting with which i accomplished to disable the turbo.

Thanks to it i have been able to reduce the temperature from 90 to 60 degrees.

It might sound a foolish question but i wanted to ask you,is there any way i could have damaged the computer?

Wandering through internet i noticed people saying that restarting pcs is a bit dangerous for its hardware.

Is there anyway I could have damaged it by restarting it with the power button?

And is restarting the pc often a real threat?

Did i damage it by playing at 90 degrees?

Thanks in advance.

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First of all, any time that you start playing with undervolting or overvolting, you could potentially end up damaging (or degrading the lifetime of) the processor. If nothing else, this could void your warranty with your laptop manufacturer.


Next, what is your definition of overheating? Seeing processor temperatures reaching 90 degrees is NOT overheating. This is (according to Intel) perfectly fine. By Intel's current definition, overheating is when the temperature go to levels (typically ~100 degrees) where the processor starts throttling performance to protect itself.


If your laptop, out of the box, is truly overheating (let's say reaching temperatures in the high 90's), then you should be contacting your laptop vendor about returning/replacing the laptop.



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