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Unable to change system agent voltage on Asus B660m K+i5 12400F


Hi, recently bought  this combo and for the most part I`m satisfied, but memory overclocking is very limited in gear 1 since you can`t change SA-voltage. I try 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3v and nothing happends, it`s stuck at 0.94-0-95v. 3600MHz is the highest I can get stable due to this. Others with unlocked CPUs can do 4000-4300 in gear 1 and this requires SA voltage of 1.1-1.45 depending on luck\binning. Is this supposed to be like this? If so then this is very dissapointing and the whole "unlocked ram OC" is a load of BS. I`ve talked to others who can`t get gear 1 stable above 3400-3500 due to this. Why not use gear 2? Well, latency sucks and even closer to 5000MHz performance is not as good in games as with 3600 gear 1. I hope you change this\reconsider this or my next buy will be AMD again which don`t pull this kind of crap.

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Thank you for posting on the Intel communities. 

In this case, it is important to know that the maximum memory frequency supported by the processor on DDR4 is up to DDR4 3200 MT/s, and for DDR5 is up to DDR5 4800 MT/s. Using the processor out of specifications could damage it and void the warranty.  

It is also important for you to check with your OEM for the memory profiles and the ability to change this. Also, memory profiles could affect voltage changes. Please check with the OEM for these specifications and to get specialized assistance on this matter. 

Hope this information is useful, if you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored. 



Josue O.  

Intel Customer Support Technician

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I am aware that 3200 is the spec, but you advertize for memory overclock support on B660 vs H610. Using an unlocked CPU you can overclock ram in gear 1 to 4000+, but if you use a locked cpu this is impossible since you have locked the SA voltage below 0.95V. On B560 you could change the SA voltage and overclock ram in gear 1 to 4000+ using a locked cpu like 10400F, or around 3800 with a 11400F if you were lucky. My point is that you don't state anywhere that buying a locked cpu also means locked/very limited ram overclocking since you lock SA voltage.

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