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Unable to start Intel Extreme Tuning Utility



When trying to open the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU), the system shows an error:

Unable to start Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility because the drivers are not running. A reboot may be necessary if Intel Extreme Tuning Utility was just installed, otherwise download and install the latest version of Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.


Motherboard: ASUS TUF B660M DDR4 WIFI

CPU: Intel Core 12600K

Storage: Samsung 970 EVO PLUS

RAM: Kingston DDR4 16G*2 3200


Before, I was able to open Intel Extreme Tuning Utilities normally and tried to tune the CPU frequency to 4.7GHz using Auto Overclock.
I changed the CPU cooling from air cooling to 240 water cooling and removed and reinstalled the CPU from the CPU snapper, reapplied the silicone grease and spilled a bit on the capacitor on the green bezel of the front CPU, but I cleaned it up.
On reboot it prompted that I had a new CPU and needed to press F1 to get into Setup. i did not make any changes and got into the system.
I tried to open Intel Extreme Tuning Utilities, but it failed to open. I uninstalled it and manually cleaned all uninstall residue, then reinstalled and rebooted, but it still failed to open.

All other things of my PC are working well.

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