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Unable to start up at all!!!!! HELP

Hey guys sorry if this is a noob question cause seriously it's the 1st time i encounter this but i've no idea is it the motherboard problem or my processor.


When ever i press the on button, light will show up and the fan starts spinning for less than 5 seconds and it stops. My harddisk did not run. And nothing shows up on the screen. My unit has been serving me for 2 years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated =D

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What kind of system to do you have (desktop or laptop?). Did you build it yourself or is it an OEM system (Dell*, IBM*, Lenovo*, HP*, Toshiba*, Gateway*, ....etc?). If you built the system yourself using and Intel branded, boxed processor and motherboard, you might want to contact Intel Customer Support: If you have an OEM system, you might check the troubleshooting information on the system manufacturer's web site. Is your system still under warranty? If so, you might see if you can get your CPU replaced.

Did anything change with the system (hardware, software, drivers), or did it just quit booting one day? Do you get any beep codes when booting, or is the system silent except for the fan spinning and then turning off?

You might read over the information on the following link to see if it is of any use to you:

If you can provide a little more information about your system, like what make & model it is, and more about the chipset & processor, ...etc., then maybe more folks can jump in and offer more advice.

John S.


Intel Customer Support


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