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Update Core-i3 processor to Core-i5


Hello to All Community's members and, first of all, tks to accept me in your big Family!!! 

I have a question for you : 

i would update my older Ashipre 5820Tg with Intel Core i3-370M @ 2.40GHz , to new one, and i was thinking about Intel Core i5- ????? 

Because my laptop is REALLY SLOW!!!! a lot. !!!!

I've already chiange my HD to SSD and the situation it's a little bit better, but not much , so.... 

my next step could be change Processor?  

I suppose I need to verify other things before to buy and to change the processor, any suggestion list about what to check before? 

I'm very NEWBIE

Tks to all for your attention and for your replies!!




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You have a 1st gen processor in your laptop, from 2010:

You must contact the laptop manufacturer and ask them which processors are compatible with THEIR BIOS.  The, you can select from those.  You can not upgrade to any 2nd gen or later processor.

Note that no matter what you do with your laptop will make it and its graphics compatible with Windows 10.

Also, it is not necessarily the processor that is causing your performance problems.  Startups, disk space, 3rd party anti-virus, PUPs, memory, etc all contribute to this problem.


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It looks like there was a version of this laptop that had a Core i5-460M in it, so we know that this is a possibility -- but only if they haven't soldered the processor to the laptop's motherboard. As Al said, you also need to verify that the BIOS in your laptop contains support for this Core i5 processor (it should, but you'll never know without asking).


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'Morning to all and 
First of all : Many,Many Tks to ALL of YOU for your input!!!! 
you was VERY Kindly with a lot of information; definitely change a processor seems to me "a little bit" complicated!!!!!

I think it wll be better to buy a new one... and this laptop will remains as a backup!!!! 

I made an attempt to understand if it was possible to change the processor; I thank you for the time you have dedicated to me.

all of you are a truly valuable resource. Thanks again


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