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Update and two steps back? XTU with CoffeLake unusable


well I use XTU so I can adjust my powerful laptop, (data pasted below) accordingly. Since the CoffeeLake has gladly produced heat I have had him accordingly to a reasonable level -0.150 under volts. This has now been super capped for just under 8 months. Now with the new update, the processor is suddenly no longer suitable? The function is all grayed out and not possible to edit.
All profiles were automatically deleted!

Fortunately I still had one externally  Backupso I can load it to be able to undervolt again, unfortunately it is the only one and can no longer be edited.

Why this step backwards? Without the profile, the laptop cooks with the same performance! I never wanted to change the multiplier, but that was possible at the time.

So I can't work without burning my legs, I can't send the lapptop back either. Can I now put my €3,500 laptop in the storage chamber after just under a year?



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Due to a security vulnerability that was identified, Intel has blocked the use of undervolting on all affected processors (they were unable to mitigate this vulnerability in any other way). For more information, do an internet search using keyword 'plundervolt'; there are all sorts of articles that explain the vulnerability.


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