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Upgrading from Pentium B970

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Hey All!

I recently went about upgrading my old Asus X401A (2012) from a Pentium B970 to a i5-2540m. At the time each site I visited said that they should be interchangeable, so I bought the i5. Once it got here, I put it in the Asus and fired it up, it was running fine for about 30 minutes, then all at once I heard a click (sounded like from the Hard Drive) and the whole system shutdown. AT FIRST the Laptop was saying (on CPUID CPU-Z) that it had a chipset of HM67, now it's saying it has HM70. The i5 does show up, it has all of the correct stats for it showing. It just decided to shut off after almost exactly 30 minutes each time it's fired up. Have I managed to purchase a CPU thats incompatible? or am I doing something wrong? I reset the CMOS in it and flashed the BIOS, so that should be fine. The Pentium B970 works perfectly fine when put back into the system. I'm at a loss.

Thanks in Advance!

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Before you can do anything, you MUST ask Asus what processors are supported by THEIR BIOS. "should be interchangeable" is not good enough.

Then, you can choose ONLY those processors Asus supports.

Coming here, without this information, is premature. Also, you likely purchased a used processor for the upgrade. Verify that it is known to be good.