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Upgrading my i5 - 4440s to a i5 - 10400, two different Sockets Supported?


Hey so today I was planning to buy a new I5 -10400 to upgrade from my super old i5 - 4440s but as I was investigating if my motherboard would support the change in CPUs since I know some CPUs can have different specifications for installing to the motherboard, but on-top of investigating everything I figured the sockets are what are important when it comes to finding out if I can install a new CPU to replace y current CPU.

Am I able to upgrade from my i5-4440s to an i5-10400 with these two different socket supporting information?

i5-4440s: FCLGA1150

i5-10400: FCLGA1200

How far off is the 1150 to 1200 socket support? Would I be able to install my new CPU into this motherboard? 

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You cannot do this.  The sockets are completely different.

Even if the sockets were the same, you could not do this upgrade.

An upgrade processor MUST be socket, chipset, and BIOS COMPATIBLE.  To determine if the upgrade processor is BIOS compatible, you MUST check with the motherboard manufacturer.


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