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VMLAUNCH "hangs" when using windows 10


Hi all,

I have implemented a hypervisor with EPT yet, it works well in Windows 7 pro x86, after I run the same hypervisor in Windows 10 pro x86, there is a strange mistake.

First, both the windows 7 machine and the windows 10 1903 machine are 4GB memory, single-core and disable pae and DEP. The machine is running in VMware 16.1 and I use windbg to debug the kernel with pipe. And according to the Microsoft document I have disabled Hyper-V using group policy.

Here is the story.

_ExecuteVmLaunch Proc
	INT 3
_ExecuteVmLaunch Endp

_GuestEntryPoint Proc	StdCall _GuestEsp
	INT 3
	pop	ebp
_GuestEntryPoint Endp

When the vmlaunch execute successfully, the eip will turn to the _GuestEntryPoint, I have tested this in Windows 7 pro x86 machine and it works. When the vmlaunch execute failed, it should turn to the instruction after vmlauch. Both situation will make a INT 3 interrupt.

Now, in the windows 10 machine, strange mistake happened. After the vmlaunch instruction runs, there is not interruption, the windbg only shows "debuggee is running", I can't control the windows 10 machine and there is no BSOD. Even I click break in the windbg, nothing happens. I don't know where is the eip now and what really happens.

I know there must something wrong but I don't know why. Intel document doesn't seem to mention this situation but only the error code. However, the vmlaunch won't ret to let me check the error code.

Thanks you all. 

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Hello 50u1w4y,

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.  

I would like to further investigate this for you, therefore, I would appreciate if you could provide the following information for a better understanding of this matter:

  • Please provide the model of your processor.
  • For how long you’ve been experiencing this behavior?
  • Are you a developer? What Intel document did you review? Please provide link.

Esteban D.

Intel Technical Support Technician  


Hello Esteban D.

Very thank you for your reply.


Yes, I would provide the information you need.

  • From the windows's control panel, my processor is "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz  2.90 GHz"
  • Actually, this is the frist time I experience this behavior because I am just studying VMX and want to realize a specific function.
  • Yes, I am a developer. The Intel document I read is "Volume 3 (3A, 3B, 3C & 3D):System Programming Guide ".


Sorry to reply you late. Actually, I doubt that maybe it's because of my code error. Just like the link "VMLAUNCH "hangs" when enabling EPT". However, it works in windows 7 pro x86. So, I doubt that maybe there is something need to change in windows 10 pro x86 but the machine hangs so that I can't debug. I read some code of hypervisor online, all of them related to windows 10 realize in windows 10 x64.

I will follow this topic, thank you for your reply again.




Hello 50u1w4y,

I hope this post finds you well.

First, thank you for your response and the clarification on this matter.


Based on your inquiry I would strongly recommend  that you submit your question on the Intel® Developer Zone.  


Please register, and create an account so that you can receive further troubleshooting support, and get access to useful documentation.  


I am sure that you will be able to answer all of your concerns with the appropriate support.

That being said, if you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer being monitored  


Esteban D.  

Intel Technical Support Technician