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Very recently I bought INTEL Core™ i7-9700K Unlocked Processor - OEM. When I picked up this from the store I realized there was not the original package or genuine sticker.


Is it possible that an intel product shipped in this package?How do I know that this is not used or refurbised?Do you have abny advice and what should I do with this store that damages intel's reputation?

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Take it back, get a refund. What should you do to the store? In the absence of anyone with a law degree, I would certainly take them off of my holiday card list.




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It most certainly isn't Intel packaging, but it doesn't mean that it is not a genuine processor or that it is not new. You purchased an OEM product. Typically, OEMs purchase trays of processors. They come as bare processors, with no heatsink-fan unit, paperwork or sticker, in a tray that typically holds ~10 processors. If they do not use all of these processors, they may throw them in a box like this and sell them in the grey market to recoup their expenditure. They can only sell them as new OEM processors if they have never been put into a board and powered up. How you prove that is often difficult, however.


Now, the problem with this is that you may not have a valid warranty for this processor. You need to check here: to see whether you have a valid warranty. If you do, then you are good to go.


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