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Warranty request


I made a warranty request for my CPU (i7 6700k) since it seems to not be working anymore. We went through all the troubleshooting and my request for a Replacement was accepted they gave me two options:

Standard warranty replacement


Cross shipping

I went with the Cross shipping and they said:

"Perfect, to proceed with the Cross-ship option, I need to transfer the case to the warranty department.

They will be more than glad to continue with the assistance.

They will contact you shortly."

It's been about 2 and a 1/2 weeks since that reply and having gotten any update on it​. Does it usually take this long?

I've tried replying to the email For an update on my request But haven't gotten a response​. I tried doing a live chat with a agent from Intel, They told Me that they would transfer me to the warranty department for further assistance, it took 10 hours for someone to finally reply and by then it was 2am so I never reply and the chat was ended.

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Start your warranty request here: