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What affects to CPU lifespan?

Temperature? or frequency of utilizing CPU?

If the temperature it is, then is there a formula that inversely proportionate to CPU lifespan?

else the utilizing CPU it is, is there a expected lifespan with the utilization portion?

As assumption and example, if we use 30% of total CPU utilization for 10 years, then CPU might be broken or not?

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Hello computer558,



I understand that you are having some questions regarding the lifespan of a processor. Allow me to share some information with you about this.



The temperature can affect in the case that the processor is overheated. You can check the specifications of you processor to verify which is the maximum temperature that it can support.


The frequency or usage should not be a problem if you are not overclocking your processor and even though that should not be a problem. Please take into consideration that the risk of overclocking is too great and results might vary.



Just for your information, the estimated lifespan of a processor could be more than 20 years.



I hope this answer all you questions.



Antony S.