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What are base frequencies of Intel 12th gen hybrid CPUs ?


Where can be found official data about base frequencies for all Intel hybrid CPUs? Why is it missing in official product description pages for some CPUs?

Official product descriptions of CPUs generally contain base frequency. This is main CPU frequency, which is guaranted to be stable and not lesser in any demanding situations. Unlike with "turbo", which is "may to be" limit - lesser predictable in multitask environments and multithread apps.

Intel hybrid cores CPUs have 2 base frequencies: performance-core base frequency, efficient-core base frequency.

This data is seen in description page for some CPUs as i7 12700, i5 12600HE. But this data is missing in description pages of other hybrid CPUs (including which have "launched" status i7 12650H, i7 12700H, i7 12800H, i5 12450H, i5 12500H, i5 12600H.

These pages only have turbo frequencies for performance and efficient cores, have base and turbo TDPs.

TDP as "Processor Base Power" is said: "The time-averaged power dissipation that the processor is validated to not exceed during manufacturing while executing an Intel-specified high complexity workload at Base Frequency and at the junction temperature as specified in the Datasheet for the SKU segment and configuration." But this mentioned base frequency is not said in the page. And no links there for CPU documentation where this basic and important data is said.


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I hate when manufactures remove this type of information... it is one of the most common info a user will try to review... but it they decide to remove this very basic but important piece of info, they should tell users why this decision was taken (and therefore, explain if this piece of info is no longer "relevant"...)


Anyway, ... as per the technical document for AlderLake, the table 13 (page 77) seems to indicate that base frequency is tie to power/TDP... and it says that the base frequency for CPU-10 cores (6PC + 4EC) is 3.7GHz for P-core and 2.8GHz for E-Core and so on for the others (12 Cores: 8+4, 16 Cores: 8+8)...

You may compare the other CPU models with the table...


However, the document description mentions only "desktop platform" and I'm not sure if the info also applies to mobile cpus.. please see the link below:

Technical Resources link:

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