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What are safe temps for the new 9900k?


I just put together a new build with a Gigabyte Z390 Designare motherboard and an i9 9900k and everything works great! The chip is blazing fast but its also blazing hot...or is it? The weird thing is at idle, this chip runs at 23 Celsius and jumps so high on full load so it can't bee a thermal paste / mounted cooler problem. When I run a stress test it shows all cores running at 4.98 ghz and peaks at 93 Celsius full load. Why is my chip running at 5 ghz with all cores? Isn't it supposed to be 4.7 ghz all cores? I did enable multi threading and multiprocessing optimizations in the UEFI bios but I never overclocked the chip. Should it be running this hot? I have a dual fan 280 mm radiator water cooler on it too. What else can I do to cool it down? Under clock it somehow? I don't want to burn up my chip. Its weird that the chip doesn't start throttling until 90+ Celsius and at 93 I get a 1-2% throttle and it only drops to about 4.96 ghz. According to when my throttle meter activates...90 Celsius is the throttle threshold? Seems high. How will the chip handle this long term? Thanks for any advice.😓

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I figured out why it was running so hot. I switched the Enhanced Multi-core Performance option to "enabled" a day ago on this board and I guess that allows the all cores to run at 5 GHz on this particular board. I just set it back to auto and now it peaks at 75 Celsius on some cores with full load at 4700 MHz. Way better temps! Do not enable this value unless you have a crazy cooling setup or your CPU will throttle and get too hot. Now my cine bench scores are 1925 vs 2076 which is still pretty good!

Thanks a lot for documenting your troubleshooting, found out I ran into the same behavior, same root cause
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