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What is the correct microcode update file to apply?

The releasenotes file in the microcode update file package explains the file naming scheme:

"intel-ucode dirctory contains binary microcode files named in family-model-stepping pattern."

However, there is no exact matching filename for every processor.

For example, my Xeons X5680 have Family 06, Model 2C, Stepping 02.

This would result in a filename 06-2c-02.

But, there is no such file.

The nearest matching files are 06-2a-07 and 06-2d-06.

As I am writing a microcode update utility for FreeBSD, I need to know whether the "lower" or the "higher" file must be applied if no exact matching file is present.

Which one is the correct one to apply?

The lower one (06-2a-07) or the higher one (06-2d-06)?

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Intel committed to delivering all fixes by the end of the month. Any requests for information about missing microcode, microcode orders, etc. short of then are premature and a waste of everyone's time.

Intel Customer Support is not going to be able to provide you with any better answers; all they can do it point you to the primary web page.