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What is the ideal graphical memory size for a intel celeron N3060?


I am in doubt because my laptop is an low end desktop. It have no external card, and has only 4GB of ram. When I restore the default, I get 64MB of memory to the internal graphics card. Is this good? I do not play games but undertale. So, is there any value of graphical memory size that is recommended? The maximum that I can put is 512MB, but I think that is not good to put 512mb because this makes a great quanty of ram (because I have only 4GB). So, is there any recommended value? Thank you so much!

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The Windows device driver for Intel HD Graphics will dynamically adjust how much of the available memory is assigned to graphics. Up to 50% of the available memory (~2GB in your case) could be assigned to graphics if the current needs require it (when the needs reduce, the amount of memory assigned will reduce as well). The parameters in the BIOS are only used while the BIOS is operating - and thus you should leave it at the default (64Mb) setting).


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