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What would cause this? - i5 6600K

Hello, I built a PC last September for my desk at work, it's been switched on everyday since with no issues.

When I arrived in work this morning my PC wasn't responding so I tried everything,from resetting the power, removing both RAM sticks, GPU out, reset CMOS, nothing happened other than the motherboards leds where on from putting the power lead back in.

I put this down to a faulty motherboard so took everything out, upon removing the CPU I noticed to of the pins (they aren't called pins) where half eroded. looking at the motherboard socket the two matching pins where a pinky colour.

So I proceeded to take both to Scan computers to check warranty etc, I was told it was due to bent pins, which I don't believe is the issue as its a ZIF socket and the CPU just sits on top also the PC has worked flawlessly for over a year, the motherboard has been sent off for so called socket replacement whilst they won't cover the CPU.

Anyway I'd like to know what can cause this, picture of the CPU attached.

I'm not sure where the problem has stemmed from.

Thanks in advance


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This is just my opinion. It looks to me as if the pins of the socket corroded and ended up, in two places, stuck to the processor pads. When the processor was removed, portions of the pad were then pulled (torn) off. You should find remnants of the gold on the socket pins. In my opinion, the motherboard is responsible for this damage. THEY (the motherboard manufacturer) should be compensating YOU for the damage to the processor.

If you make no headway with the vendor, I would contact Intel Customer Support directly (here: Contact Intel Customer Support) and discuss a replacement with them.

Hope this helps,


Community Manager

Thank you very much for your response.

what your saying seems to sit much better than what they are, I've also noticed there are two pads towards the bottom of the picture that seem to have damage too.

I'll have to contact them further, would you think just replacing the socket would mean the motherboard would then be ok?

I was thinking maybe some form form of power issue but then again I'm not sure what the pins relate too.

i will definitely pursue it further as I belive the motherboard had also taken out the cpu.

thank you again for your reply.