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Where is heat danger zone for Intel 4690 while gaming


Have Intel 4690 that hits 100 degrees in 2 of 4 cores while playing Witcher 3. Is that temputure to be expected for gaming or is it damaging to the processor?​ Core temp app reports temps dropping to 53 degrees when game is exited drops to drops to low 40s to high 30s within couple minutes of ending game. At basic tasks cpu reads at mid to high 30s

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If the processor is reaching 100c, then there is definitely something wrong. Your overall cooling solution has a problem. This could be a hardware issue - the cooling solution could be inadequate or the amount/type/application of TIM between the processor and thermal mass (heatsink) could be incorrect - or it could be a software/firmware issue - the algorithm (set points, etc.) used for having the cooling solution respond to temperature increase are incorrect or insufficient.