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Which Intel Processors are 4-5 years old?

Hi there,

I'm not sure where to turn so I thought I'd try this message board out. My boss has tasked me with finding out which Intel processors for desktops and laptops are 4.5 - 5 years old and older. Can anyone out there help me? Is there a list available somewhere that I can look at?


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Re: Which Intel Processors are 4-5 years old?

Hi there,

These are the information that i could find for you.

I will refer you to this website which can be very helpful.

Now the only thing that you need to do is to get the FPO number of the CPU and from the fpo you will get your information.

From the website:

Example: L707A723 ---

1st letter or digit = plant code: (Malaysia)


0 = San Jose, Costa Rica


1 = Cavite, Philippines


3 = Costa Rica


6 = Chandler, Arizona


7 = Philippines


8 = Leixlip, Ireland


9 = Penang, Malaysia


L = Malaysia


Q = Malaysia


R = Manila, Philippines


Y = Leixlip, Ireland

2nd digit = Year of production: (2007)

3rd & 4th digits = week: (7th week )

5th - 8th digits= lot number: (723)

10th - 13th digits = serialization code (---)


Hope this helps a bit.

Kind Regards,


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Re: Which Intel Processors are 4-5 years old?

Hello Bitterwoo,

To see when processors were introduced, take a look at our Microprocessor Quick Reference Guide, which provides year and month of our processor introductions.

I had my son use that link for a school project, but I'm sure your boss will appreciate it too!

Casey H.


Intel Customer Support


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