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Which processor and graphics card is best between - Intel Core i5 with Intel HD Graphics 4000/4400 + or Intel HD 620.

Good morning and afternoon.

This is my second discussion or post, about my doubts with some Intel components.

In a few days ago I opened a post about my doubts, about the differences between Intel Core i5 [Inside] and Intel Core i5 [X Generation], and the truth with that issue of the processor is already somewhat clear-minded and out of doubt.

But now I have a little niggle / doubt, about the graphics cards integrated in Intel processors.


As it turns out, on Monday, October 6, I went to the OfficeDepot store to check the computer and laptop section, to see if I could buy a laptop with a Core i5 7th Generation processor.

The laptop would occupy it for school matters, but if I would use it more for video games, and with this processor issue that had already been clarified, now a second topic comes to my mind that the truth, it revolves me too much.

It turns out that if I know one thing or another about the graphics cards called Intel HD Graphics, which I have seen on different websites, which recommend Core i5 or Core i3 processors that preferably have the Intel HD Graphics card 4000 or 4400+ (or better), to play video games in a stable or fluid way, and it turns out that at one time it was with this from the Core i5 Inside and the 7th Generation.

Up there all right, but just from that day (November 6), I am learning that the 7th Generation Core processors come with another type of graphics cards and name "Intel HD 500-650" (up to the only figures what did I see).

including the? variants? of Intel HD, called Intel HD Iris and Iris Plus (+).

And the truth to see a laptop that I was interested too had the properties described, and the truth to see the graphic card named Intel HD 620, I get a lot of wave.

In itself, I do not know anything about this type of graphics card and how good it is to run games.

Since I know more, or I am more informed that they recommend Intel HD Graphics 4000/4400 + to play a fluent experience, and I really do not know if I buy a laptop with this graphic card, if I leave more specifications about the laptop that I'm interested

Laptop: I think it was an HP or DELL.

-Windows 10 Home

-8GB Ram.

-1TB of storage.

-Processor Intel Core i5 [7th Generation] 7200u - 2.50GHz - Turbo 3.10GHz.

- Intel HD 620 Graphic Card.

In itself, I think the processor is good, but the graphics card does not trust me at all, I do not know anything about the Intel 620, and I would like to know if it is superior to Intel 4000/4400, and how good they are for games.

If anything, the question is.

How good is Intel HD 620 for games, and is it better than Intel HD 4000/4400?

in itself, I would say that the type of games I play currently, I would say that they require very little but in that, I will leave the games that I use frequently and those that I would like to play with a more advanced laptop or a more powerful graphic card (it is not for tell me to use AMD or NVIDIA, preferably I want an Intel card).

In itself, I would like to know how good is the Intel 620 graphics card and if it is better than an Intel 4000/4400.

I wait with patience some answer and I hope that they can help me, preferably I would like to have the answer before November 18 and 20 since in those days, where I live, there will possibly be a discount of% 30 for something called [The Good End ] and I would like to acquire that notebook.

for the moment I say goodbye and this is all from me.


-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------

Games that I currently use and most frequently:



-The Sandbox Evolution.

-Geometry Dash.


-Emulators of PSP, GBA, N64.

Games that I would like to play with a better notebook:

-Garrys Mod.

-Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 and 2.

-Terraria Otherworld.

-Golf With Friends.


-The Sims 3 and 4.

(I think this post will serve a lot, if I respond to users of Intel specializing in portable gaming, but still it helps me to say how good is the graphics card and whether it is better or not [Intel 620]).

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To get an understanding of where the various Intel HD Graphics solutions match up with offerings from NVIDIA and ATI/AMD, I point you to two charts...

  1. This chart from Tom's Hardware (here:,4388.html GPU Hierarchy - Comparison of Graphics Cards for Gaming) compares the relative performance of various solutions from NVIDIA, ATI/AMD and Intel. While it doesn't do a very complete job of detailing where all of the various versions of Intel HD Graphics will fall, it includes enough that you can get the gist of it.
  2. This (only slightly out of date) chart from Pavel Vladov's blog (here: Intel HD Graphics - Nvidia and AMD Equivalents) relatively scores the various Intel HD Graphics versions against each other and then matches it up with similarly-performing NVIDIA and ATI/AMD solutions.

Between these two charts, you should be able to extract a reasonable understanding of the performance differences. The Intel HD 620 solution offers close to double (actually 1.76x) the performance of the Intel HD 4000 solution.

Now, how this will do for gaming is something I leave for you to determine. With an understanding of the equivalent NVIDIA and ATI/AMD solutions, you should be able to derive how well it will work for each of your games, based upon both the requirements and results published against these various games (there are other charts on the Tom's Hardware site that will help with some of these).

Hope this gets you going,



Ok, thank you very much for the help.

In summary, an all that I understood, means to say that it is something superior in both a speed so to speak.

In the first graph:

Intel 4000/4400 have a speed of 2.4 and 2.5 and that if the Intel 620 is 4.4.

This would be much more powerful or better, right?

And if I imagine that being a 7th generation processor, obviously would be better (not at all but with a higher percentage of power, right?).

In itself, thank you very much for the help, I will try to find a laptop with graphics from Intel Iris or Iris Plus, I think those 2 would be better for some heavy games and I see it as convincing and as a good option.

Thank you very much for the help.

So far I say goodbye and goodbye.