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Which processor do I need?


I'm new to this community, and in hopes of getting some questions answered. I'm not too experienced in computer stuff, but wise enough to ask. So, please respond in layman's terms. Thanks.

I'm currently running a PC w / windows 7 (home premium) with Windows XP in virtual, with which I've been successful in running (I believe) a 16 bit design program that I've used for my business for many, many years. But, the manufacturer has since retired, and there's no possibility of getting an updated version of the program. I bought a Toshiba laptop the other day (Window 8), but it doesn't support Hyper-V / SLAT - (probably because it doesn't have an Intel processor).

I've done some research, and was recommended I get a laptop with an Intel processor. My question for now is, is which processor would achieve the same results I got with Windows 7 - (i3, i5 or i7)? It'd also be great if you'd list some good laptops that are readily available in our local stores that have what I'll need.

Are there many hoops to go through in order to get the laptop set up to run in Virtual, and would I need Windows 8 Pro?

…..All the best to you

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Well first thing first HubCore, please correct this, Hyper V function can only be use in Win 8 64 Bit pro. So if you want that function to work you have to install Win8 64 Bit Pro. After installing the OS you can enable it from Windows Features (for enabling it properly google the procedure).

So for laptop your current one Toshiba , it is also ok. you just need to change the OS to Win 8 x64.

Refer this

"Client Hyper-V requires a 64-bit system with SLAT capabilities and additional 2 GB of RAM (Win 8 Pro only)"



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