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Why does a i7 10510u based laptop throttle at 78%?


I have an Intel i7 10510u based Asus laptop bought last year. Model Asus Exportbook P2451FA. 

When I run the service claims the computer throttled at 78%. It isn't like its effecting performance, but it still makes me wonder. 

My own benchmark.

I can see here that the more expensive B9 model has the same problem.

Could it be something Asus have done to the Intel processor ? Because it looks like the i7 10510u both in the P2 and B9 is made to run great single and dual core. But at Quad core not so much? 

Any thoughts?

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Something that Asus has done? OMG, where's my soapbox...

The industry as a whole is ripping off customers right and left, shipping inadequate thermal solutions and padding their battery performance numbers by having their products throttle performance when temperatures go above sustainable levels or power usage reaches levels that would affect battery life. They say this is to keep costs down but is in reality them lining their pockets at their customer's expense. It is absolutely sickening! When you combine this with the crappy warranties and horrible support that they provide - and which you paid for - well, the whole bunch of them should be fired. Unfortunately, they have all figured out that they can get away with it, so there are few alternatives. While we're at it, don't get me started on the scam called "initial customer satisfaction". What baloney. I won't point (m)any fingers, but let's just say that I will NEVER purchase a laptop from HP, Dell or Acer and I would have to look long and hard before ever considering anything from Lenovo or Asus.

Sermon over; off my soapbox now...


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