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Why isn't there a specific category for the Driver & Support Assistant software?


Why was there 319GB of text files in my DSA folder on my laptop?

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319Gb does seem a tad high.


I would uninstall IDSA, delete the folder, and then reinstall IDSA. Use this uninstaller.


Why is there not a specific category for IDSA? That is one of the mysteries of the Intel forum.





Well yeah. Especially when your C drive is 500GB and you try to install 95 gig of music and you get a message saying you don't have enough drive space for it? You could say things where a bit tight. I deleted the files in the folder except for one necessary file and then ran a bitdefender rescue scan for any security breach but there were none. I checked the DSA again and it ran fine. Everything appears to be working as expected. If it happens again I will do as you suggest and delete the folder and reinstall the DSA. I just wanted to know if there where any precedents for this specific issue but it appears there are none so I am at a loss to explain how this happened? I have two educated guesses. The first I already mentioned and the second. Some kind of peculiar software glitch? You know? Peculiar hardware/software configuration, solar flare etc. Any idea how long the Driver & Support Assistant has been available. My reckoning is, if it's new. It could be a little buggy (May also explain why there is no specific category yet)? Thank you kind sir for taking the time to respond to my questions.😃

Hello Dok, When choosing the category for a question (e.g. Graphics), you can add the tag "Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel® DSA)" to your post. If you hit "Ask a new Question", you can also add topics including Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel® DSA). I hope you find this information helpful. Wanner G. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation