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Why would a Intel® Core™ i5-4570T 35W each 82 C?


I have been dealing with a few of the Lenovo M73 Tiny units with a loud fan non-stop. I cleaned them and they operate a bit better but the fan keeps on getting loud a few times a day.


The one I am concerned about is a particular unit which was running windows but now is running linux. The fan does not run as much as befire but it does get pretty hot, not just warm. When the fan is running I feel a lot of heat comes out of the back but enough to justify how loud the fan gets. I did blow air over the pc and the fan and some dust came out but the PC still gets just as warm and the fan just as loud when it does make noise.


I can't find information on the proper operating temperature for this particular pc.


Does anyone have information on what is the normal range of operation? I know max is tcase 66.35 C

as per this page:


As of right now I am looking at a piece of software reading the sensors and it indicates: 

Temp overall 82F / 28C

pc internals (guessing) 140F / 60C

core 0 135F  / 57C

core 1 136F / 60C

(Both cores have hot 70C/158F since I started writing this)


I am using firefox with 5% cpu usage and using about 40% of the RAM

if is fluctuation a bit as I am typing this.


It is in an air conditioned room and temperature at the coldest point will not go below 68F and will not go above 78F. It is within the air temperature indicated in the user guide.


Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.



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Contact lenovo for support of their Device. Fan and bios problems are an issue for the device manufacturer - Lenovo.





Thank you for your answer. I have done that. Since it is out of warranty I went to forums and nobody has an answer. I am following threads of people doing hacks to the cases to ventilate them more but will not much success. I wanted to see if anyone here would know if those temperatures were safe for the processor since it looks like it is not designed for that. Also, I have been dealing with many identical machines, many with works dust problems and and they do not run nearly as hot.