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Windows 10 hangs after long time idling - cpu issue?


Hi my pc:
108500K stock 4800mhz
2x16 GB DDR4 GSKILL 3200mhz XMP
Seasonic Tx-850 Ultra Titanium
Gigabyte Rtx 3090 Gaming OC
Aorus Z490 Pro Gaming

I have updated Windows 10 to H20,the newest version. I installed windows 10 month ago with new pc. So far so good,games not crashing all stable.
My pc is on 24 hours. Today was idle 5-6hours in desktop. After few hours when i go to use pc, i run Google chrome and then all suddenly freezed. I mean i was able to touch/move mouse, but all stops resonding. Chrome,search bar,start button stops responding. Then i make ctrl alt delete and black screen with blue circle. So i make hard reset.
It happened first time that hang of system.
Is there somewhere my pc not stable or its a windows thing? Like i said pc was idle 5-6 hours when i go to use pc, i turned on google chrome and then all starts slowly  hangs. I checked EVENT VIEWER: Nothing,0 entries about any errors.

ah ps
NZXT cam was on background and epic launcher + steam and msi afterburner

PS:Running currently Karhu Ram test no errors.

It was hardware issue?
Is any sense to run OCCT or realbench or other tests after that incident or skip it?

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Hello SLitw,


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

To better assist you please provide the following reports if possible and the information down below.


Intel® System Support Utility (Intel® SSU)


  • Open the application and click on "Scan" to see the system and device information
  • By default, Intel® SSU will take you to the "Summary View".  
  • Click on the menu where it says "Summary" to change to "Detailed View".  
  • To save your scan, click on "Next", then "Save".  



  • You can use the option under the reply window to attach the report and any other files to the thread (Drag and drop here or browse files to attach).



  • Run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool and send the results either in a .txt file. 
  • To save the report, once the test is done, click on "File >> View Results File" and attach the .txt file to your reply. 


  1. Have you completed any recent changes of hardware or software (besides the windows update) related?
  2. Do you currently use an XMP profile in BIOS? If yes, please provide the speed that you are currently using.
  3. Do you have the computer overclocked? If yes, at what frequency.
  4. Have you tried performing a system restore or a clean installation of the OS?
  5. Did you try to start the system in minimal configuration (motherboard, processor, Power Supply Unit, one RAM module, mouse, and keyboard)?
  6. Have you tested the computer with another power supply?
  7. Did you swap any components to cross-test the issue, maybe tested with another processor or another motherboard? If yes, please provide the exact models tested.


I look forward to hearing from you.




Victor G.

Intel Technical Support Technician  


My ram is 3200mhz XMP profile. Pc is stable underload. Happened once when windows 10 was long time idle. No issues overall. Cpu is not overclocked. 


Hello SLitw,


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

If you run our IPDT tool and it gives you a passed result, that will mean that the processor is ok and the issue might have been somewhere else; although, this certainly looks like an isolated issue; nonetheless, since you are currently using an XMP profile, our recommendation will be to set your BIOS to default settings, because, running the system out of the recommended specifications(DDR4-2933) could damage the CPU over time, since the memory controller is inside the processor.




Victor G.

Intel Technical Support Technician  


Hello SLitw

We are checking this thread and we would like to know if you need further assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us back if you have additional inquiries.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello SLitw, Since I have not heard back from you, we are closing the case, but if you have any additional questions, please post them on a new thread so we can further assist you with this matter.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician