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XMP profile causing crashes, is it a cpu memory controller problem?


I'm getting occasional BSODs and failed XTU CPU stress tests at stock CPU settings (10700k, Asus z490i)

I get random BSODs and the computer freezes within seconds on intel CPU stress tests only when I enable XMP profiles or try to manually overclock my ram to the advertised speed of 3600mhz (g skill ripjaws V). The computer boots at 3600, task manager recognizes the speed, but apparently it's unstable, hence the BSODs and failed cpu stress tests. The computer is stable at stock 2133 speed and up to 2700mhz, but no higher.

I tried to manually overclock to 3600mhz 16 - 19 - 39 timings, and still would crash during a CPU stress test. The highest frequency I’ve been able to achieve stability at is 2700mhz, which is much lower than 3600 mhz.

The IO and system agent voltage were auto’d to 1.328V and 1.504V under the XMP profile. 

At 2700Mhz they’re running at around 1.1 - 1.2 V on auto. 

When I manually set the voltages to around 1.3V on 3600mhz, I still crash.


I ran the windows memory diagnostic and memtest86 and it found no issues. Wondering if I should try to replace my i7 10700k or wait for a bios update that might fix this issue?

I'm worries it's a cpu memory controller problem.



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I would blame the motherboard long before the processor. Remember that the processor is only validated and warranted to run at a maximum of 2933.


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