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XTU changes default settings itself.


I am having a laptop with intel i7 7700hq processor. I downloaded Intel XTU to undervolt me CPU for better thermals. I changed core voltage offset to -0.135V and applied it. I am happy with thermals after undervolting. But recently after my windows updates, The DEFAULT voltage offset is set to -0.135V instead of earlier 0V which is not all right and i am afraid that if there is some stability issues, it will not be able to go back to offset of 0V and I will be stuck at that blue screen forever. Please tell me that how can I bring back that DEFAULT offset to 0V because i don't want to run into any problem in future.

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Hello lsimranl,



Thank you for contacting the Intel community.



The voltage range for this processor is 0.55 to 1.52, you computer manufacturer set the voltage that your system requires; the Intel® XTU reads the information from your laptop BIOS and then the changes you make in XTU are also done in the BIOS.


You can see the datasheet here:


Page 114



At this point, I suggest you to contact your laptop manufacturer for them to help you set the proper voltage in your computer BIOS, it depends on your system undervolt the CPU can cause the system to be unstable.



Please let me know if you can set the correct voltage in the BIOS.








Ivan U.


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I did encounter the same issue , Theres something you can do , dont try to reset / tweak setting on the xtu software , theres a chance that its a visual bug .

To be sure :

First try to check your max current VID ( voltage) with hw monitor , if it shows an offset core and cache voltages of - 0.135 , then it did override your ''default'' , if it does show 0 instead of - 0.135 then you're fine nothing happened (only a visual bug)

heres what you can try if it shows you -0.135

check your current max voltage and add it 0.135 ( for example 1.050 + 0.135= 1.185) 1.185 should be your stock value before the changes in xtu , keep this value in mind

1.- since voltages bios settings are locked on laptops , loading optimized default or resseting it from there wont restore the default settings

However flashing the Bios will do it . Once you flashed the bios try to check hw monitor , if the 0.135 dissapeared and the 1.050 became 1.185 then you did restore stock voltages .

Last thing you can do if it didnt work is to remove cmos battery

Hope it does help you

best regards

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