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Xeon DP 3.60GHz vs. Xeon UP E3120


Hi there.

I know, that the posted processors are fundamental different processors. But we have a special task / request for the processor.

We have to build a new server system, on which a mainframe emulation called UMX for the IBM VSE / i390 mainframe runs. The problem with this virtual system is, that

  • it runs only under Windows 2000
  • it can only use one core
  • it can only use 1 GB of RAM

We now want to build a system which enables us to run the fastest possible performance with the given restrictions.

Therefore we see two possible processors:

  1. The Xeon DP 3,6GHz has the fastest clock frequency, but it is the older processor, which only has 2MB of cache, 200 MHz FSB and 667MHz RAM frequency.


  2. The Xeon UP E3120 has a little lower clock frequency (3,17 MHz), but it has 6MB of shared cache, 333 MHz FSB and up to 1333 MHz RAM frequency.

To cut a long story short:

Which processor can offer us the best performance for the given tasks?

Could anybody help us???

Thank you in advance.

BeSt from Germany

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Hi there,

Personally I would say the E3120 would be a better processor, not only because it a newer processor but the fact that it has got a greater cache of 6MB and also can support upto 1333Mhz fsb.

Please remember this is a dual core processor as well and since you will be using 1GB of memory, you will be able to achieve the full 1333Mhz fsb using compatible and supported memory configuration for your system.

As far as I know the dual core feature can also be disabled in bios, it may also depends on which platform you will be using it.

Concerning the operating system, it does really depends on the processor, it rather depends mainly on the board.

Hope this will be useful information to you.


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