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Xtu is not showing advanced tuning tabs like "all controls" and others i want to underv toolt my pc help me find a way please


My pc is core i5 2nd gen​

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Your processor is almost 9 years old. The current versions of XTU were not optimized to support processors this old. Note the following copied from the XTU Release Notes:


Supported Platforms: 


  1. IvyBridge,
  2. IvyBridgeE,
  3. Haswell,
  4. HaswellE,
  5. Broadwell,
  6. BroadwellE,
  7. Skylake,
  8. Kabylake,
  9. KabylakeX,
  10. SkylakeX,
  11. Coffeelake
  12. CascadeLakeX
  13. Comet Lake


Note: XTU is supported on Desktop, High End Mobile and High End Desktop (HEDT) Platforms. XTU is not supported on Server and Atom based platforms.

Supported Operating Systems – 


  1. Windows 10 RS3
  2. Windows 10 RS4
  3. Windows 10 RS5
  4. Windows 10 19H1
  5. Windows 10 19H2
  6. Windows 10 20H2 


Hope this helps,