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asus z690 hero + i7 12700kf + G.skill 6000mhz +XMP = Crash + BSOD


hi guys really need help here,

since buy at dec 21 this build always problematic.
at first i have g.skill f5-6000u3636e16gx2 tz5rk
if xmp off all running fine, but if xmp 1 or 2 on will experince game crashing under 10 min randomly
trying use hyperpi and soo much error come out.

and at feb 22 i return that ram to seller.
they offering me to change that ram to f5-6000j3636f16gx2 tz5rk with i add some extra cash to them because a differend price.
i accept it, after few days ram came and i try use it
xmp off is stable no crash
xmp1 on is slightly unstable hyperpi can pass 2 times in 8 times testing, memorytest86 pass mem.controler in 1.298v auto
play game will random crash but take more time than before, its about before 1 hour, sometimes can reach 1 hour.
xmp2 on is very unstable, because mem.controler only give it 1.101v. play game crash in under 3min. memtest86 error under 2min

i just enter bios for active xmp, beside that all default


but after several trial and error i got a conclusion sometimes it will run stable at xmp 1, i left all setting default and auto just set xmp 1 on. but after restart or shut down pc it can be unstable again

i try lowering the frequency into 5800 got same symptom, can stable but if i restart pc and test again it can be crash again. it same happen when i try increase the memory voltage, vvd, vddq and mem controller into 1,35volt

can stable but it will change if we restart or shut down pc.

and after bios 1403 come out this month and the unstable problem still persist i rma the ram again,

they send me new ram today and the problem still same persist, now i sure it not the ram problem

ask some people they say maybe my cpu controller is weak, or can anyone tell me intel 12th gen must manual tuning the voltage if want use the xmp?

or just like my old z97 just enable xmp and all will run fine?

can anyone give me an suggestion what i must do next? rma cpu? or maybe it mainboard defect?


my specs

Asus z690 Hero
i7 12700kf
asus ryujin ii 360
g.skill 6000 cl36 16x2
msi rtx 3080ti suprim x
nvme wd black sn850 2tb
hdd wd black 4tb
hdd seagate baracuda 8tb
cooler master cosmos c700m
psu seasonic PX 1000

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