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brand new i9-13900k - CPU mismatch / self test / microcode Q code errors???


hello!  i very recently set up an i9-13900k on an Asus Z790 Hero board.


i have noticed that during high use periods where the CPU is really getting hit, i notice Q Codes 57,58, and 59 on the board.   These are described as "CPU mismatch" , "CPU self test failed or possible CPU cache error", "CPU micro-code is not found or micro-code update is failed".


everything SEEMS to work just fine though. i have tried a burn in test, benchmarking, and the intel processor diagnostic tool. everything passes and seems to work to spec.

i'm wondering if this is maybe a bios related thing with a very new CPU??  


has anyone else seen/heard this before?  i've never had an out of box failure on an intel chip before and and wondering if i just keep it or return it for an exchange?


what do you think?



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If you are wondering about the BIOS, why ask here?   Ask ASUS, it is their bios.   Also,  make sure you get asus to help you update their bios.


Trying to get a replacement before you know where or what the problem is is premature.


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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