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cpu upgrade hp elitebook 8770w



Im planing to upgrade my laptop cpu.
my laptop is hp elitebook 8770w , and i have list of cpu form hp that is usable for my laptop .
this link.
it showed that it is possible to use this one Intel Core i7-3920XM
and it is 55 w but on other hp document it say that max cpu is 45 w
this link here
and also i found other site where are all cpu that fit for this socket
link here G2 (rPGA988B).html
so can you please help me and tell me if these cpu-s are all suitable for my laptop from this lastt link because i need to know is it possible 45 and 55 w .
right now i have cpu with 45 w .
thank you

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Sorry, only HP can tell you which processors are suitable for your laptop.  You must work with HP to determine power, heat, and bios support.