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duda sobre el empaque de los procesadores i9 9900k


Buenas noches, saludos a todo el equipo de trabajo.  mi duda es sobre porque hay una version del procesador i9 9900k que viene empaquetado en una caja de carton simple y hay otra version que viene mejor empaquetado.  podria decirme cual seria la diferencia del procesador? o solo seria el empaque?

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The simple cardboard box is what is used for OEM packaging (i.e. for processors to be used by OEM to build a turnkey system). The fancier packages are for retail sales (i.e. sales to end user). While it is not supposed to be happening, OEM packages do show up on the gray parket from time to time. OEMs who have processor inventories leftover will sometimes sell them this way. There are also the nefarious who purchase OEM processors with no intention of doing anything but reselling them. You have to be careful because you may not receive a warranty with one of these processors.

Bottom line, as an end-user purchasing a processor, you specifically want to purchase from those in the colorful packaging.

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