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e5 2660 not running at max speed

Hello everyone

The following problem: I have a hp z420 with a xeon e5-2660 processor.

According to the seller and intel's xeon list this one has a base freq of 2.20 ghz and turbo boost of 3 ghz.

Now when i need power the processor goes up to 2.66 ghz, but not more (should be 3ghz)

Also in the pic you can see that maximum speed is 2.20 ghz, wich can't be true because it goes higher (2.66 ghz)

I've tried every setting in the bios but nothing seems to work...(disable power managment, turbo is on etc...)

Performance mode is selected with everything at best setting (i actually use parkcontrol for this, reviewed the settings and everything is max and every power saving thing disabled)

The seller thinks it's a thermal problem, but i don't think it's that because: 1) it sticks perfectly at 2.66, should go lower and lower if it's thermal 2) no extra fan power kicks in 3) the temp is 56 degrees celcius

Help is much appreciated, i realy need these extra cpu cycles.

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Community Manager

Hi JayTee303: Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Processors communities. We are sorry to hear the processor is not working as expected.



The Intel® Max Turbo Frequency works automatically, the processors will reach that value depending on the load of work the computer has:



Remember that the manufacturer of the PC, in this case HP, has the option to do all the customizations needed for the PC to meet the requirements they advertised. Those customizations include the option to enable and disable some features on the processor or in any other component. Based on that what we recommend is to get in contact directly with them so they can provide further technical or warranty assistance on this matter. Even though it is an Intel processor, if there is something wrong with the processor they will provide warranty on it as well:



For this scenario, we recommend to set the BIOS to defaults values, but that is something that will be better to verify directly with HP as well, since there might be different options to enable or disable the Max Turbo Frequency feature and maybe a BIOS update to the latest version will be needed. They will provide all the instructions to do that and also they will be able to check if an update of Windows is needed or if there were recent software/hardware changes done on the system that might affect the performance of it.



We do have a tool to test the processor, it does an overall test on it including a temperature test and if the processor passed that test that would indicate that it is working fine:



Any further questions, please let me know.





Alberto R