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i-5 10300H temp 85°C-98°C

Hello! English is not my native language so sorry for mistakes.

So here is the thing; when i playing a spesific game the processor getting hot until 99°C temp. In that game mostly run 85°C-98°C temp. I'm worry it will damage the processor. Is it really will damage it? Should i worry about other things?

In net people usually saying the temps like that killn my pc. It's only happen that game. I'm not using overclock. And pc don't have dust or something. I paying atention about to air circulation.

Is it affect processor lifespan? I playing that game 4-6 hours about.

ıs there any advice you can give.

Game is Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord l know he is game with high cpu use but is it still too much?
Pc is a laptop
when i get in a battle cpu getting hot
fans doing their job perfectly

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Intel says that high temps during short periods would not cause damage...

However, you certainly don't want your CPU on high temps as it may affect lifespan...

check if you need to adjust fan settings, or maybe reseat the CPU and the cooler and reapply the thermal paste...

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Sorry, I missed you said it is a laptop, so you probably cannot (and also should not) "reseat the CPU and the cooler and reapply the thermal paste"...

Because this is a laptop, it can get hotter on heavy games as laptops don't have the same thermal headroom as desktops...

update to their latest BIOS version and drivers (also if it comes with Nvidia graphics)...


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thanks for the answers. I think the reason it is only in that game is because it tries to process hundreds of animations at the same time. Reducing the animation quality a bit worked, but it still gets very hot. actually i was going to ask if there is a way to prevent the BIOS from going above a certain temperature value.
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That's a question for your laptop vendor/manufacturer; they are exclusively responsible for the design of the laptop's cooling subsystem. It is not often that support is provided for mucking with the cooling subsystem's configuration, but you won't know until you look at the capabilities offered in BIOS Setup and/or discuss it with your vendor.
Hope this helps,

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