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i need to know which update i need for my graphics on a intel core i5 m430. thanks

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Sorry drivers for windows 10 for your processor . ntel stopped producing new drivers, because your processor is discontinued by intel

Only latest graphics driver is available only for windows 7 32bit 64bit and for vista 32bit 64bit


for windows 7 64bit vistA 64bit driver v15. released on 19-02-2013, here is the direct downloadinglink from intel site


for windows 7 32bit vista 32bit driver v15.22.58.2993 released on 19-02-2013, here is the direct downloadinglink from intel site

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Since Raju's message is so garbled (which seems to be the case more often than not), I will repeat the pertinent statements...


Windows 10 is not supported on processors this old. There simply are no drivers (from Intel) for Windows 10. In order to allow Windows 10 to run on hardware this old, Microsoft provides a compatibility driver. If this driver works, great. If it does not, however, you are out of luck. Microsoft is not maintaining this driver, which means that, if it doesn't work, its performance is poor or it doesn't support some advanced version of OpenGL (as an example), no resolution will be forthcoming. Your only option is to upgrade to newer hardware or downgrade to an older version of Windows. As Raju pointed out, there are drivers available for older versions of Windows, but they are becoming dated as well.


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