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i7 10700KF temperatures


I recently bought a pre-built PC and it arrived yesterday, after hooking it up and doing some tests I noticed that my CPU temperatures were getting way out of hand and reaching 100 degrees. I've scoured the internet for the problem:

- I made sure the cooler was installed correctly by the company

- I reapplied thermal paste

- I made sure every fan was hooked up properly

- I turned off MCE/Enhanced Turbo in BIOS

- I turned Smart Fan mode on in BIOS

After all this I still reached a constant 100 degrees while gaming. With the side panel off it only cools it to about 95. I suspect the cooler is too weak or is malfunctioning, I don't know exactly what cooler I have since it's a pre-built and I don't think it was specified anywhere.

It's an air cooler and has a max of 1200 RPM I'm pretty sure, which to me sounds too slow for an i7 10700kf. I've contacted the site where I bought it from but since I can only send the package on Monday I wanna see if anyone here can help or show me something that I've missed.


- RTX 3080

- i7 10700kf

- 16GB RAM

- MSI Z490-A PRO

LC Power Gaming 702B "Skyscraper_X" Case (haven't been able to find it online)

Here's the link to the specs (may have to translate the page):

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You say you enabled Smart Fan support. What are the coefficients that it is using? It should be configured so that the fan is accelerating linearly over some temperature range what ensures that the fan is reaching 100% duty cycle (full speed) at ~90c.


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Yes the BIOS tells me that the fan accelerates as the CPU temp rises and it is at 100% at 90c.

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