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i7 1260p and i7 8850h cpu temperature ranges


I am looking for information on the normal cpu temperature ranges for the intel i7-1260p and the i7-8850H. What is safe for these systems? If their temperature reaches 80 or 90 degrees celsius, should I be worried about overheating? What is a dangerous temperature for these models?

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Intel will tell you that any temperature below the processor's Maximum Junction temperature (Tjmax) is perfectly acceptable. Most processors have a Tjmax in the general vicinity of 100c.

I am a little more cautious. I configure my cooling solution to ensure that the fan/blower/pump is at full speed if the temperature is above 85c. This is to ensure that the processor's stable temperature stays below 90c, that only very short duration spikes occur above 90c and that the Tjmax temperature is not reached.

In the case of laptops, there is often no support (in BIOS) for managing the temperature thresholds for fan speed control. In this case, there is little you can do about any problems. If the temperatures are sitting in the 90s for longer durations of time or having spikes that reach 100c, I would be complaining to the manufacturer (or, better yet, not purchasing laptops from that manufacturer at all). Some people, after making uninformed purchases, will use undervolting as a way of avoiding these issues. They are giving up performance to do this. Not a good practice IMHO.

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Thank you very much! You've been very helpful.

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