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i7-12700K drops to 399 MHz when receiving power from HP thunderbolt dock


I have an HP Envy 16 that seems to run ok when plugged in with the 150 watt power brick. However, when I don't have the AC brick, and am using an HP H2 thunderbolt docking station, the computer basically locks up, as the CPU drops down to 399 MHz and crawls. I've verified this using the Throttlestop 9.5 app. Note the computer is running minimal apps (CPU usage very low), temperature is cool, below 70C. I'm not trying to change the clock speed or anything like that - just want it to work when I have it plugged into a USB dock station that provides power. In this case, the HP G2 dock has 120W of power going into it, which should be more than enough to provide decent performance and not drop down to a literal crawl.

How do I use this laptop with a USB-C power input? Or will I always need to plug in an AC power brick? 


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Hello, @LChaim


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I am sorry to hear what is happening with your laptop.


Please take in mind that your laptop features are controlled and limited by your Laptop Manufacturer, as we didn't design your laptop, you need to contact your Laptop Manufacturer regarding your inquiries. 


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Thank you for responding. I will follow up with HP, as I don't understand why anytime I use a power source less that the 150W AC supply, such as USB-C power, or a backup 65W power supply supply - the CPU is immediately throttles down to 399 Mhz which makes the laptop unusable.  What were they thinking?

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Thank you for letting us know you will follow up with HP. Hopefully, they will be able to clarify why this is occurring. As for now, we will proceed to close this thread.

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Thank you for your understanding.  

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Unfortunately, HP consumer support had no idea. HP enterprise support reviewed my PC's BIOS settings, but there was nothing there that could be changed to address this problem. What's frustrating to me is that my work PC, an HP Elitebook 840 works great with my HP Dock - it has no problem with the charge coming in via USB-C. The Elitebook can charge and run normally with only a USB-C cable plugged into it. It's the HP Envy PC that stops working when using power via USB-C (a computer running at 399 MHZ is unusable). 

Whoever designed this low power throttling at Intel and HP (because HP is using the specs and services provided by Intel) - need to fix this. 

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